Welcome home all indie musicians:
KDR Music Group/ KDRMG is a digital music distributor. We are a company that was created by a musician for the musicians. In todays economy it's hard alone trying to survive and afford to pursue a passion for music. That's why we wanted to do away with the upfront fee model that has been utilized since the beginning of the digital distribution era.
"S/o to KDR Music Group home of the indie artists and labels."   -@SkeezoGT

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Save Your Money
We Won't Waste Your Time
KDR Music Group/ KDRMG services your music on all major digital services like AppleMusic, Deezer, Tidal, ect. without you having to spend any money upfront so you save and spend it on other important areas like marketing and campaigning your music. 
We distribute your content to over 270 territories worldwide. You want to create a fanbase across the globe? Don't worry KDRMG will have your music everywhere. Our services will have your music impacting international markets simultaneously. 
Unlike the other digital distributors, we don't create false hopes with our musicians. We have a staff of REAL musicians that also give insight to the aspriring musicians on how to improve their sound and increase their audience and create realistic expectations. We are not into wasting our time or yours.