KDR Music Group/KDRMG was founded in May 2015 in Atlanta, GA by Kj Rivers the founder and CEO. It was a company created by a musician for the musicans. Unlike many other digital music distributors, KDRMG is a company with the intel of REAL musicians that have the expertise and intelligence to aid in your journey of a successful music career.


What is lacking today in the digital music environment is the organic relationship between the distributor and the musician. We want to help establish and mold the identity of aspiring musicians that we distribute. There is a higher amount of musicians that are eager to understand the theory of music than there are musicians that already know it. 


We are not the type of company that want to take an artist money and leave them in the wilderness of the unknown. Alot of musicians go online and sign up to the digital distributor that pays the most money in advertisment to actually get your money than help you make it. Just as you might be, we grew tired of the old model of digital distribution where you have to pay to upload your music and not even have a marketing campaign or strategy to make your investment back.


So we decided to remove the upfront fees and annual fees and just take 20% from royalties because we can just work for free. If we could we would but we operate with that model so that if YOU don't get paid then nor do we. So why would we want to upload content that won't make neither of us any money? That's why we also provide industry standard marketing and promotion to give every musician the tools and opportunity to be as successful as your budget allows you to be.  Instead of spending money at KDRMG in uploading your money we rather show you how to spend it effectively to increase your exposure and potential audience.

"When I started KDR Music Group/KDRMG my first intent and lifelong intention is to help musicians like myself. I know how hard it is to figure out where to go and how to get there. The business of music and the creative process of music has gotten so far from us. It has gotten so far away from it being in the hands of the musicians that we've allowed people who have no musical experience dictate the current state of music. That is why it's time to put the business of music in the hands of musicians that way we can create an environment of inclined individuals in music theory that will restore the balance of the music
                                                      Kj RIvers Founder and CEO
                                                     of KDR Music Group/KDRMG

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Earl Jam Productions


Final Draft new single "For You"

Final Draft

      Final Draft - For You (Lyric Video)

WorldWide Hustlers presents: 


"Light Work" from the upcoming album OSOM 2


How do you get started?
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Go to our contact page and request for information by filling out the message box. If you are ready to submit music just email to our submissions dept. at submissions@KDRMusicGroup.com including links to all of your social media accounts, a short bio, and also either links to your music or mp3 versions of your best songs.
Just relax and wait as our submission team valuate your music and conclude if your project has realistic potential. We will then determine if the project still needs to be finetuned and polished more or if it ready for the world to listen.
After we approve your submission then we upload your music to the world. And give  you realistic expectations and options to increase your audience and become a successful musician.